Our Remit

1.  Make the care and safety of patients our first concern and act to protect them from risk.

2.  Shine light into dark NHS crevices.

3.  Be a Champion of improvements to NHS services by:

a. Ensuring that the NHS engages in lawful patient and public consultation for all service changes and meets its responsibilities to patients and the public under the NHS Constitution.

b. Insisting that all proposed service changes are supported by rigorous business cases with benefits plans and clear accountability.

c. Holding the NHS to account to deliver sustained, measurable service quality, safety and financial improvement, to agreed standards of national and international best practice.

d. Campaigning for protection of clinical, manager, public and patient whistleblowers, with zero tolerance of attempted bullying, harassment and victimisation. 

e. Holding the NHS to account to look intelligently at the event surrounding serious and avoidable patient safety incidents and learn from them, not cover them up. 

One response to “Our Remit

  1. I am clear that more honesty and corrective action needs to take place when things go wrong. No cover ups ever help as things cannot then be done quickly to prevent problems at the time. Keep talking and asking and exploring then Teach, train, show, research and implement.

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